Public figure, Author, Lecturer and Extreme
 Haunting survivor.  As Seen on SyFy, 
 Travel Channel, and Coast to Coast AM,
 and the film "Please Talk with Me". 
     Chris Di Cesare
            "The Ghost Boy of Geneseo"

Chris DiCesare

"The Ghost Boy of Geneseo"


                     "The hardest thing to explain is the glaringly evident which everyone had decided not to see." - Ayn Rand, The Fountainhead.

                                  SyFy "School Spirits": Dorm Room Nightmare

The Daily Motion link to the SyFy "School Spirits": Dorm Room Nightmare episode

School Spirits takes viewers on a spooky thrill ride through some of the most infamously haunted colleges and high schools nationwide. Students, alumni, and faculty share their intimate paranormal encounters while their experiences are brought to life through visual storytelling.

Tag line: Every campus has its secrets...

The Executive Producer of School Spirits, Seth Jarrett, discusses the emotional impact of Chris Di Cesare's haunting experience on him. 

New Jersey Paranormal Television, Channel 35.  Episode 2, October 2016.  Hosts John Ruggiero and Tania Lund interview Chris Di Cesare as he talks about the C2D1 Haunting, the film "Please Talk With Me" and his book "Surviving Evidence". 

2-hour Interview on Living Paranormal, with hosts Jason Olivo and Rob Henry, recorded live on March 20th, 2016.  This is the most extensive 'on-line' interview pertaining to the C2D1 Haunting that occurred in Geneseo, New York in the winter of 1985.

       Chris Di Cesare recording session for use in the 30th Anniversary Edition of Please Talk With Me: C2D1 Haunting Pictures.

Outtake from Please Talk With Me, directed by Mara Katria, where Chris (Kyle Shea) and Jeff (Aaron Katter) enter C2D1 in an attempt to make contact with the apparition known as 'Tommy'.  

Salem Con 2015:  John Tobin, radio host and founder of the Glory Haunt Hounds, leads a round table discussion with Chris Di Cesare (SyFy "School Spirits"), Joe Chin (SyFy "Ghost Hunters International") and Rosalyn Bown (SyFy "Ghost Hunters Academy").