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Chris DiCesare

"The Ghost Boy of Geneseo"

                                   "There are some things you learn best in calm, and some in storm." - Willa Cather, The Song of the Lark.

        Chris Di Cesare 

      "The Ghost Boy of Geneseo”


As a young college student, Chris Di Cesare's view of life was forever changed by a series of horrifying events in and around his dorm room: C2D1 at SUNY Geneseo. From early February through late April of 1985, he and his college friends endured what is now referred to as 'The C2D1 Haunting'.  Apparitions sighted, disembodied voices heard, moving objects witnessed and frightening physical attacks all became part of the ordeal suffered by Chris - who quickly became the focal point of the haunting - and several of his college classmates.  Long suppressed by the participants themselves, the extreme haunting eventually moved into the realm of ‘urban legend’.  

Photograph at left was taken by J. Jeff Ungar on Valentine's Day, 1985.  It shows Chris, with arms outstretched, as the unnatural breezes in the closed room pushed back his sweatshirt sleeves, and bent the cardboard behind him. 

 An accomplished lecturer, Di Cesare released his memoir, Surviving Evidence, (Dark Moon Press, 2014) which became an Amazon best seller.  It offers a compelling first-hand accounting of the infamous extreme haunting from the person who found himself at its center … and survived it.  C2D1 - An Examination of the Extreme Haunting and How the "Ghost Boy of Geneseo" Came to Be, a case study, is set for release in February 2019. 

"For my money, the best speaker that I know." - John Tobin, ParaHistoryCon and ParaHistoryCon2 (Event Director and promoter); Radio Host - Keeping the Spirits Alive and the John Tobin Show.
The "C2D1 Journal" Notes
(Page one is pictured above) were recorded by J. Jeff Ungar, a SUNY Geneseo student who lived in Erie Hall during the now famous 1985 extreme haunting. 
Originally recorded in order to assist Chris Di Cesare and his friends in the attempt to assess and understand the events of the months-long ordeal.